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Military Divorce: Mr. M.K., Odenton, M.D.

"Rada and Manny are energetic, adaptive, honest, and dedicated to providing the best outcome for their client. These professionals went above and beyond anything I had anticipated from a legal team. As member of the military I knew legal representation was going to be challenging based on the dynamics associated with me being on active duty. I had spent a lot of time outside the country in locations that didn’t support consistent communication. However, the Machin Team were phenomenal in representing me during my absence they went above and beyond the norm to keep me informed. Their dedication to client needs provided me piece of mind and the confidence in knowing that my legal proceedings were well taken care of while I was gone.  My case was a great example of how Rada and Manny provide real care for their clients. I never felt rushed or uninformed. The Machin team put client care first in order to achieve the best outcome for me. Based on Rada and Manny’s work ethic, competence of the law, and genuine client care we were able to achieve 100% of everything we asked for and more. Most importantly we gained a friendship which is a direct reflection of the Machin Team attributes. Thank you again Rada and Manny my family and I can now look forward to a positive future together.  I will refer all my military peers to Machin Law..... you guys have cracked the code on success!!"

Immigration Client: Dr. T, Potomac, MD

"We picked the Machin Law Firm (Rada and Manny) out of a handful of other lawyers we interviewed.  We picked them because they are a fantastic duo and demonstrated to us Integrity,  genuine concern and knowledge/wisdom way beyond their years.   The are very diligent and we are so thankful for them for pushing us to get all the necessary paperwork done to handle our Immigration case.  Besides diligence, they also are very compassionate and resourceful.  I love their client friendly website and portal.  They handled our case swiftly and I am so pleases that there were no hidden fees. Love them dearly and highly recommend them for any case!
Thanks again,
Dr. T"

Business Owner: Mr. G.W., Bethesda, MD

"Rada and Manuel Machin are a dynamic team of attorneys. They helped our company settle a difficult landlord case with excellent advice, and powerful negotiation skills. I highly recommend them.  They went the extra mile in their services. Without them we were outgunned and under resourced, but they made it a success."

Immigration Client: Mr. W.M.J., Gaithersburg, MD

"The Machin Law Firm has been getting great results both economically and efficiently.  I am so impressed with this dynamic duo - and far happier with their services compared to any other attorneys I have ever worked with.  I would HIGHLY recommend this firm.."

Protective Order: Mr. C.P., North Bethesda, MD

"I was in the worst situation possible in my Life, with it being completely destroyed by someone trusted, and then i was led to make a phone call to Rada and Manuel. This Call totally was the best call I made in my Life, they were very professional, objectively looked at my situation, and came to my rescue. Today, I regained my Life, my Confidence. I highly recommend The Machin Law Firm"

Debt Settlement: Mr. G.Y., Gaithersburg, MD

"Manny and Rada Machin Esq. helped me turn a $10k nightmare contract with a wholesale vacation/timeshare into a situation that was MUCH MORE livable. I originally wanted to sue SUNDANCE VACATIONS for getting me to sign a contract under false pretenses but the Machin Law Firm helped me renegotiate the contract into a much more favorable one and there was no need to go to court.  Rada Machin handled my case personally and she got me a $5k refund, and her service was impeccable!
WELL WORTH THE IT! Highly recommended!

Thank you Rada and Manny!

p.s. thanks for the holiday card. its up on my refrigerator :)."

Success Stories

$94K Debt Settlement


In a suit against a small business, we were able to negotiate and settle all debts owed by the business in excess of $94,630.42 to a sum of ZERO DOLLARS! The small business was able to start over with a clean slate!

I-601A Waiver Approved


We were successful in obtaining approval from USCIS regarding an I-601A Provisional Waiver Application on behalf of our undocumented client. The I-601A Waiver allows individuals to seek a waiver for the 3 and 10 year inadmissibility bars which attach upon departure of the U.S. because of the immigrants entering without inspection or overstaying their visa. 

Within our brief in support of the I-601A Application, The Machin Law Firm was able to demonstrate that the denial of our client’s I-601A Application and subsequent removal would result in extreme hardship to his U.S. Citizen wife. 

This is an extremely rare result. 

Foreclosure Deficiency $75K Debt Settlement


After a foreclosure action took a man's home, he was left with a significant deficiency of an amount in excess of $75,000. His former lender brought an action in court against him and he desperately needed help, so he called The Machin Law Firm, LLC. We negotiated all of his outstanding debts down to a much smaller lump sum payment of $17K, which is about an 80% reduction from the original deficiency. Our client avoided bankruptcy and managed to salvage his credit.