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Protecting Your Interests While Moving You Forward

Whether you are initiating a divorce or have been served with papers, this is a stressful time. The decisions you make and the outcome of your divorce proceedings will affect you, your children, and your finances for the foreseeable future.

The attorneys at The Machin Law Firm, LLC, provide the guidance and strategy to take a smart and proactive approach to this emotionally charged process. In or out of court, we will faithfully protect your interests and suggest solutions. Our firm represents women and men in divorce in Montgomery and Frederick counties.

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Getting Divorced in Rockville, Maryland

Recent changes make it easier and quicker for Maryland couples to divorce. Previously, Maryland law required the spouses to (a) live apart for 12 months before filing for divorce or (b) prove fault grounds such as adultery, cruelty, or desertion.

The law was changed in 2016 to allow for “immediate” divorce (no waiting period) by mutual consent, also known as no-fault divorce.

If you have minor children, you must first have a court-approved marital settlement agreement that addresses child custody and child support before you can get a mutual consent divorce.

Once the divorce papers are filed, the court may issue temporary orders for custody and child support as well as alimony pendente lite (interim spousal support). Our lawyers sit down with you to explain the divorce process and what to expect at each stage. Then we listen to your concerns and questions to develop priorities and a “game plan.”

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A Comprehensive Approach to the Issues of Divorce

Our lawyers have backgrounds in business law, immigration and other legal issues that may overlap with divorce. We take a big-picture approach to disputes and complicating factors such as:

Fredrick and Rockville Maryland Divorce Lawyers
  • What to do with the marital residence
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) division of retirement accounts
  • Accurate valuation of businesses or real estate
  • Prenuptial agreements or separate property considerations
  • Hidden accounts or asset transfers
  • Amount and duration of spousal support (alimony)
  • Child custody, access and parenting schedules
  • Domestic violence protection orders
  • Deviations from the child support guidelines
  • Relocation with the children after divorce

Maryland law calls for an equitable distribution of assets and debts acquired during the marriage. We help you explore creative trade-offs to reach a property settlement that best reflects your goals and financial stability. Our lawyers are skilled in divorce negotiations, mediation, and litigation.