Maryland Offers Amnesty for Parents Owing Back Child Support

During these unprecedented times, some individuals are unsure if they will make enough each month to cover the costs of living, let alone the additional payments owed each month. With job losses, furloughs and layoffs, noncustodial parents in Maryland and elsewhere are faced with challenges when it comes to fulfilling their child support obligations. Although failing to make full payments on time could result in penalties, many are left with no choice because they do not have the funds to cover their own living costs and this support obligation.

Amnesty for delinquent child support payments

Based on recent reports, amnesty is being offered to parents owing back child support by the Maryland Child Support Administration. This program gives parents that are behind on their child support obligations to come into their local child support office to either pay off their arrears or make good faith efforts to make an arrangement to pay off the balance.

Resolving child support obligations

It is understandable that parents who have suffered unemployment due to the pandemic may be facing difficult times. However, their obligations to meet the financial needs of their children remain. Thus, this program seeks to encourage parents behind on payments to resolve their matter. During the two-week amnesty period, noncustodial parents have the opportunity to address the back pay they owe. Once this period is over, normal enforcement practices will resume. This means that these parents could be aggressively pursued according to the law of the jurisdiction.

Because child support is considered essential for most divorced or separated parents, it is important to understand how to address matters involving delinquent child support. Whether it means seeking enforcement or modification, it is imperative that parents understand what options are available so they can take timely action to protect their rights and the best interests of their children.

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