Divorce and How Parenting Plans Should Be Addressed in Maryland

Children are frequently caught in the middle of a Maryland divorce. This is an unfortunate side effect of any case. Even in circumstances where the parents are cordial and have a reasonably good relationship despite the marital difficulties, dealing with child custody and parenting time can be problematic. If the case is acrimonious, there is likely to be a disagreement as to how to deal with children, custody and parenting time. It is imperative to remember that the child’s best interests should take precedence. To understand and address what should be in the parenting plan, it is a good start to have legal assistance.

Fundamental parts of an effective parenting plan

The parents will have their own perspective as to the best strategy for a parenting plan. A crucial part of the plan will be who has legal custody – also known as decision-making authority. This encompasses all areas of the child’s life including education, medical care and treatment, what religion will be followed, and which extracurricular activities the child will take part in. Any could stoke disagreement. For example, one parent might find playing a contact sport like tackle football acceptable, but the other might not. This and other problems must be navigated.

For many divorced couples, communication could be emotionally wrenching. When it comes to the children, they should get beyond their personal feelings and agree to communicate for the good of the child. The child must also have regular communication with the other parent.

Information regarding the child’s schooling, medical care, emergency contact and decision making will be vital. This should be detailed in the plan. Physical custody will say when the child will be with which parent. If a parent wants the child for the summer and for holidays, it is useful to have a comprehensive agreement to avoid constant battles.

Having legal advice can be important in a family law case

Any aspect of a divorce can be difficult whether it is related to custody, support and property division. Children are an especially worrisome topic as the parties will want a strong say in all areas of the child’s life and spend as much time with the child as is reasonably possible. For these and any other concerns in a family law case, having legal advice may be key. Calling for a consultation from the beginning is a wise first step.

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