How to Go About a Child Custody or Child Support Modification

Knowing how to obtain a post-divorce modification when needed is important for divorced couples to be familiar with. Because circumstances often change following divorce, it is helpful for divorced couples to understand when a child support modification or child custody modification may be available.

Promptly Seek a Modification Request

As soon as the parent requesting a child support or child custody modification knows that they will need a modification, they should request one from the family law court. Acting fast will help the requesting parent seek them modification they need.

Reach an Agreement With the Other Parent if Possible

If possible, the parents are encouraged to work together to resolve child support and child custody concerns. If they are unable to do so, the family law system is available to help. Additionally, both parents should abide by existing child support and child custody orders until any agreement or change is approved by the family law court.

Document a Change in Circumstances

In general, a child support modification or child custody modification may be granted if there has been a significant change in circumstances such as a job loss. The parent requesting the modification will need to be able to document the significant change in circumstances upon which the change is being requested.

Continue to Abide by Any Existing Agreement Until Change Is Made

Parents must keep in mind that they need to continue to abide by their existing child support order or child custody arrangement until any changes have been made or approved by the family law court. This is one reason they should act promptly if they know a modification is needed.

The family law process serves as a resource to divorced parents to help them with their child support an child custody concerns. Understanding when and how they may be able to request a child support modification or child custody modification is useful information for parents to have

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